Ground Cherry

I planted two ground cherry plants this year for the first time.  I had never even heard of them before but got a packet of seeds and made some room in the garden.  And I was so happy to see and taste what they produced!


Facebook® Protection For Kids (or Anyone)

I realize this post has nothing to do with food or gardening. However, with 3 kids myself, I have been doing some research (yes, it took me doing nearly 2-hours of googling) to figure out how to set the privacy settings on Facebook® the way I wanted them. And I found out it wasn't as easy as I thought. I decided to create a step-by-step guide for parents or anyone else to best protect them.

I see a lot of my kids' friends with public FB pages filled a billion pictures of themselves all over the place. I will not judge anyone who thinks this is perfectly fine for their kids. But I am paranoid that some sick bastard is going to see my kid and hunt them down. On a lighter note, you may be job hunting and don't want any future employer to see you straddling your Harley in a bikini.


Cheese Straws

Cheese Straws are a very light, tasty, airy, crispy snack that are super easy to throw together. There is, of course, the make-the-dough-from-scratch kind of cheese straws, but I personally don't have time for that right now. The versions below are a corner-cutting way to the nirvana of cheese straws without much hassle. (And minimal dishes to wash after). I've included recipes for two kinds:  Cheddar Straws and Italian Straws.


Greek Rice Salad

I realize it's been a month (more!) since I've posted and I feel like a right loser. However, Christmas, sickness, work, and the multiple snow days have hindered my ability to cook, take photos, edit photos, and post any recipes. It's a long and involved process, you see. This recipe for Greek Rice Salad is one of my favorites. It's refreshing and easy as hell to make. And it stores well so you can eat it all week long. It is vegetarian but not vegan, although it can be adapted easily.


Triple Almond Biscotti

'Tis the season, everyone!  This time of year is filled with happiness and joy and giving and over-indulging. Who doesn't love that? One of my favorite holiday treats is biscotti. I have several different kinds I make regularly throughout the season and all winter long, if I'm being honest.  This Triple Almond Biscotti is very easy to make, and pairs famously with a mug of piping hot coffee or even hot chocolate.


Roasted Red Pepper & Swiss Dip

As a blogger, I am supposed to follow these asinine guidelines on how to promote my blog.  {In 1950's announcer voice} "You too can be a popular blogger if you just follow these simple rules..."  It's really overwhelming and annoying and self-absorbed bullshit, in my opinion.  I am going to eat some Roasted Red Pepper & Swiss Dip while I contemplate it. (See, I followed one of the rules - "make sure you put the name of your recipe in the first paragraph so search engines ping it).


Cheesy Skillet Bread

This Cheesy Skillet Bread is a sort of combination of stuffing and cheesy bread pudding.  It's crunchy on the top and bottom (the best parts!) and the middle is cheesy and gooey and custard-y like bread pudding.  It's a great snack to munch during a football game.