Seedlings - Update and Supplement

I realize it's been a while since I've posted about gardening.  Honestly, there's not been much gardening going on lately, thanks to my good friend Mother Nature.  I have also acquired a set of lights on loan for my babies (thank you kindly, C.!!).  My darling husband doesn't know this yet, but he will be helping me assemble a device to hang said lights over the trays of seedlings.  I will post photos of new lights and hanger once established.

Seeds sown 2.13.11
Photo taken 3.30.11

These are slow-growing little buggers, but man-oh-man do they look gorgeous once out in the hot sunshine and allowed to grow to their full potential.

Purple Rain
Seeds sown 2.18.11
Photo taken 3.30.11

Seeds sown 2.18.11
Photo taken 3.30.11

Cherokee Purple Heirloom
Seeds sown 3.4.11
Photo taken 3.30.11

Seeds sown 3.4.11
Photo taken 3.30.11

Smart Tea
This is the organic plant "fertilizer" I'm using. For the seedlings, I mix 4 teaspoons in 2 gallons of warm water.  It is 100% organic, derived from natural bacteria and fungi, plants from earth and sea, and other wholesome things.  I purchased this 1 quart bottle at my local hydroponics and organic garden center for $16.99.

What are you growing?


Anonymous said...

Wow! Great photography, and info!!!!!

Katie McGarry said...

Beautiful photos! Planting day will be here soon enough. My Dad always said that Derby day meant tomato planting day. Do you think that is true?

Shannon Marie said...

Katie: Here in Kentucky the Derby signifies the last frost date. However, in my 6-1/2 years here, I've always been able to plant a week or two earlier than that. It also depends on soil temperature - some plants don't like cold feet!

Maris (In Good Taste) said...

I so appreciate this post as I have anything but a 'green thumb' Lovely photos and great hints

Shannon Marie said...

Maris: It's actually easier than it seems. You can do it! And you'll have the best tasting, most healthy tomatoes and other veggies you've ever had!

My McDonald Meal said...

I am so glad you mentioned this organic plant food! I have been looking for something to use. Looking forward to seeing more of your garden posts. I'm getting my plants started this weekend.

Shannon Marie said...

My McDonald Meal: I'm so glad you like the garden posts. Much more to come after I actually get them in the ground! It's my favorite time of year really. I've been really happy with the organic plant supplement. I hope you like it too!

Sessplantfertilizer Man said...

is the organic fertilizer mixed? I'm not so sure about using just organic fertilizer.Plants need protection that's why the mix organic fertilizers are the best choice. It helps promote the roots of the plants,color of the plants and protect the plants from disease contained in the soil.