Caramel Corn Ice Pops

Recently I was at a store, which shall go unnamed, browsing through the plants.  Out of the corner of my eye, I saw something drop from the greenhouse roof and heard it go SPLAT.  I thought to myself, "That was one big bird crap."  I totally ignored the pterodactyl turd and continued on my merry way.  I rounded the corner and my very thin-soled shoe grazed-slash-smeared something soft on the ground.  I looked down to see a baby bird, which had apparently fallen from a nest only moments before. 

I walked over to two strapping young lads working the forklift.  I proceeded to tell them about the baby bird that had fallen from it's nest, which was now partially smooched right in the walkway in between the pansies and junipers.  They both stared at me like I was speaking in tongues and waving snakes around.

Did I mention these workers were in their mid-twenties wearing hard hats and running the forklift?  Is that image clear in your mind?  Ready?

The one guy sitting in the driver's seat of said forklift mumbled something about not feeling well and proceeded to projectile vomit all over the side of the forklift, narrowly missing his buddy standing next to him. 

I smiled oh-so sweetly and said, "Well, now you have two messes to clean up so I'll leave you to it."

What the hell does that story have to do with Caramel Corn Ice Pops?  Absolutely nothing whatsoever.  I just wanted to share.

These Caramel Corn Ice Pops sound a bit unusual, I confess.  The strangest part is the fact that this recipe calls for.....corn.  Real corn.  I know, I know.  Just do me a favor and try it. 

The pop part tastes strongly of corn, but a sweet candy-like corn flavor.  Paired with the caramel, it's delicious.  It's refreshing and sweet and unlike anything you've ever tried.

Caramel Corn Ice Pops
Makes ten 3-oz. pops -or- six 5-oz. pops

1-1/2 c. fresh or frozen corn kernels
3/4 c. heavy cream
3/4 c. milk
1/2 c. sugar
1 pinch salt
12 - 20 pieces soft caramel (depending on how many you make)
Chipotle chilie powder, optional

Bring the corn, cream, milk, sugar, and salt to a boil in a saucepan.  Remove from heat and let steep for 30 minutes.

Carefully pour half of mixture into a blender.  Puree until smooth.  Pour into a fine-mesh strainer set over a bowl.  Repeat with other half of mixture.  Press mixture until all liquid is out; discard solids.  Refrigerate until cold.  Pour into pop molds.  Freeze for 1-1/2 hours.

Meanwhile, working with two caramels at a time, microwave until just softened, 8-10 seconds (9 sec. was perfect for me).  On a piece of wax paper, press caramels together into a rectangle using the palm of your hand. 

Roll caramel rectangle around two-thirds of stick, leaving a bare handle.  I found it easy to pinch the sides together then roll in the palms of my hand like your making a play-doh snake. 

Repeat until you have enough caramel sticks for all your molds.

Place caramel sticks on wax paper and stick in the freezer for 45 minutes.  Insert caramel sticks into molds and freeze until solid, about 8 hours.  Run warm water over the molds to remove pops.  Dust with chile powder, if using.

Adapted from Everyday with Rachael Ray 


Joyce @friendsdriftinn said...

Interesting idea. I always make my own carmels...with sorghum. But you got me thinking...hmmmm.

The Mommy Therapy said...

These sound yummy! Really wish you lived near me though so you could make them and I could just enjoy them.