Garden & Seedlings - Update


It's been pretty much forever since I've posted about my garden and seedlings. Truthfully, it's because I'm embarrassed.  I've had success growing from seed every single year since I first started a million years ago.  Yet this year, the year I start a food and gardening  blog, I suck.

Gerber Daisy

Don't be misled by the pretty flowers in these photos.  I purchased the plants at a nursery and stuck them in the ground or in pots.  I've just been successful in keeping them alive.


Back to how much I suck...  I had my seedlings in a south-facing window with much success.  Then I borrowed a light set and put them in the basement so we could have our dining room table back.  A week later in the cold basement, and my seedlings were looking sad as you can see here.  I ran out and purchased some seedling heating mats and put my poor babies on top, hoping to warm the soil enough for them to quit being mad at me.

Little white flowers called something that starts with an A

Well, they stayed alive.  But they decided not to grow very much more and turn funny colors (purple leaves and stems, yellowing leaves).  And then my adorable little French visitor Justine came and we were so busy having fun I forgot to water for a day or two too long.  I lost some there.  So my seedlings don't look great.  Some look healthy and happy, just not big and strong.  Alas, I planted the little buggers anyway, hoping that getting their asses into the warm soil outside would jump-start their actual growing process.  Here's our garden that my husband lovingly and cussingly designed and built (with a little help from friends).

It is three tiers of varying sizes, due to the sloping of the ground.  Note the compost bin amongst the trees (yeah, we're green like that), which by the way are laden with ticks.  I pulled the 6th one this season from my youngest daughter's head this morning.  Why do they like her so much?  I think it's because she smells like a dog when she sweats.  But she's damn cute.


On to the planting of the vegetable and fruit garden.  Here is a photo of a pathetic looking tomato seedling.


And here are a few more examples of my incompetence...


Ground Cherry

Serrano Pepper


Tiger Eye Marigold

Remember those Petunias I have commented on in the past?  They are actually looking a-ok.  I've never gotten them very big before transplanting but once they get in some new soil, they take off.  I promise, I'll post photos of their transformation, good or bad.

Easy Wave Petunias

Here's another success I actually had nothing to do with but I'll take the credit for because I'm feeling low about my gardening skills.  My chives survived from last year.  They are big and full and really delicious.


One last thing and I'll let y'all get on with your day.  We have some wild berry bushes in our tree line and I'm not sure what they are.  I could use some help here.  The berries are dark black and look like big raspberries.  I'll post pics of them once they fruit.  Could be a blackberry (duh!) or is it a mulberry?  All I know is they are delicious.  Do you know what these bushes are??

What am I?

Soon to be berry-filled bushes


Joyce @friendsdriftinn said...

My little veggie seedlings used to do like yours...absolutely refuse to grow. I broke down this year and set up shop lights with one regular florescent and one with "blue" lights. It has made all the difference. I also added just a smidgen of organic fertiziler when I transplanted the first time. Hang in there. It will get better!

Peggy said...

I love your garden setup! Mine looks miniscule compared to that!

So far, my seedling aren't doing too bad. I was worried with all of the rain Louisville received the past couple of weeks, that it would stunt their growth and that I maybe transplanted too soon, but as soon as the sun was shining, they look like they're growing nicely!

Lori said...

Sorry to hear about your frustrations this year, but the fact that you have success with seeds in general is something to be proud of. I am awful at growing from seed! Your garden has a beautiful design. I hope you'll keep us updated! I'm not sure about the berry. We have a few different varieties of blackberries, but I can't tell if it matches up. Maybe when we see the fruit.

Medifast Coupons said...

Can't wait to see more pictures of when things really take off. Even though you maybe aren't completely happy with your garden presently I bet it will turn out lovely.