Garden Update - Something is eating my plants!


I am leading this post with a photo of my petunias because it is the least disturbing picture of those I'm including.  They love the heat and sunshine and are really taking off.  Now onto the garden where destruction has begun.  As if my seedling problems weren't enough to ruin my gardening skills ego, within a week of planting them outside in the garden, some critter(s) decided that my babies I'd worked so hard to cultivate would make a good lunch.

Ground Cherry

It looks to me that my ground cherry, eggplants, and tomatoes have been munched on by a combination of flea beetles and caterpillars.  Flea beetles attacked my eggplants last year as well.


Yesterday I sprayed with an organic insecticide that I used last year on my eggplants.  And let me tell you, I made damn sure to spray the tops and undersides of the leaves on all my plants.  I'm not giving up on my babies!

I use a sprayer with water and the concentrated organic insecticide.


As you can see, the marigolds and pepper plants are doing just fine.  The tomato plants have more than doubled in size since planting.

Serrano Pepper

In between taking these photos, I laid down some straw in hopes of combating weeds, retaining moisture, and warming the soil even more.  Let's hope it's not another failure waiting to happen. 



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