Honey Ice Cream

My husband has apiphobia.  Well, he's not exactly been diagnosed, but since I did take 3 years of psych classes in college, I'm obviously qualified.  Apiphobia is the fear of bees.  It's actually quite humorous to watch, and even after all these years together, I never tire of his amusing reaction to a little black and yellow buzzing insect.  

Let me begin by painting a picture of The Hubs.  He's 6'3", has almost black hair, a beard, and two very sexy tattoos.  He does very manly things like building our deck and installing a water-powered back-up sump pump.  He also does very gentle things like braid our daughters' hair and pull out splinters.  Did I mention that he's also a former Marine and a damn good musician? 

Now on to his apiphobia.  I'm going to try and write this without any typos or misspellings as the tears of laughter flood my eyes and run down my face.

When confronted with a bee or wasp, he jumps up like his ass is on fire.  He runs around in a zig-zag pattern while swatting at the now-long-gone insect all the while yelling, "Ahhhhhhhh!", with a voice 6 octaves higher than his normally very deep voice.  He will plow through women, children, and animals without hesitation to get as far away from this evil bug.  He'll toss over chairs, hurdle mini-vans, and dive through thorn bushes in order to make a hasty escape from these bees, which he's sure only have eyes for him.  To his credit, he is allergic to bees and wasps, so I'm guessing there was a traumatic bee sting somewhere in his childhood that caused him to fear them with such passion.

It's actually bloody hilarious to watch him react so quickly and loudly to a tiny little bee buzzing around, minding his own business, just looking for a sweet flower. 

When searching for a Honey Ice Cream recipe, I came across a few but none fitting with what I was looking for.  I found some with as little as 3 tablespoons of honey.  I didn't bother trying them out, but I'm guessing there's not a lot of honey flavor there.  There were a few promising ones with plenty of honey but they had no egg yolks and I really wanted a custard-y ice cream.  Thus I made my own recipe.

The flavor of Honey Ice Cream is buttery (my son actually asked me how much butter I put in the recipe.  None), and caramel-y with deep honey flavors.  You have to really like honey to dig this ice cream.  There is no refined sugar at all - the honey sweetens this rich ice cream plenty.

And can you imagine how awesome this would be with a sore throat?  The honey acts as a natural antimicrobial killing bacteria and viruses and the cool ice cream would soothe the throat.  Hmmmm.... I think I'm onto something here!

Honey Ice Cream

4 egg yolks
12 oz. honey (good quality, preferably local)
1 c. whole milk
2 c. heavy cream
1 t. vanilla
pinch salt

Whisk yolks until light and fluffy.  Add honey and whisk until combined.

In a saucepan, barely boil the milk and salt.  Temper it with the eggs by slowly adding a bit of the hot milk to the eggs while whisking.  Whisk the milk and egg mixture together until combined.  Return to the saucepan and turn heat to medium-low.  Cook, whisking, until the temperature reaches 180* and coats the back of a spoon.  Strain mixture into bowl.  Add cream and vanilla, stirring to combine.  Chill in refrigerator until cold.

Follow directions on your ice cream maker to finish the ice cream.  I have a Kitchenaid attachment and it took 25-30 minutes to get to soft serve consistency.  After an overnight stay in the freezer, the ice cream is still of a soft serve consistency.


Michelle said...

We tried ... twice ... with bees. And it just didn't work out. But your honey ice cream looks great! (So glad to know that some folks are successful bee keepers.)

Mindy said...

I have never understood people who are afraid of bees, and it's so hard for me not to laugh when they run away screaming! :-) This ice cream looks absolutely delicious!

Markus said...

We made this using your recipe and it is a wonder. Then we made it again and it is, again, a wonder. Now we're on the lookout for other recipes like the cookbook from that fantastic ice cream store in Columbus called Jeni's. We're on fire now thanks to you!