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Petunia Easy Wave Red

For those of you who have followed my successes and failures this season in the garden, you'll be happy to hear (or perhaps not - it depends on how you feel about me) that the garden is a raging success as of now.

Petunia Easy Wave in May

Check out these Petunias! Remember them a bit ago??  This was in May.  A bit more than a month later and they look like the above photo.  I'm telling you, it takes a while to grow from seed, but I ended up with 16 Petunia Easy Wave plants for $5.  It's a deal.

Cucumber baby

Everything is growing beautifully, with the exception of a few that have died along the way.

Cucumber White Wonder

For example, I lost 4 of my 8 cuke plants so I'm planning on direct sowing in their spots to have another round of harvest.

Cantaloupe Amy

I've got two varieties of cantaloupe going but one isn't looking so good.  I've got Amy and Ambrosia but the Ambrosia is struggling.  The weeds have been so horrible this year, especially in the top bed because it's all vines in there.  I decided to use the last bit of garden fabric leftover from around the deck to at least eliminate one strip of weeding.

Watermelon Gold Crown blossom

I've never grown watermelon before so it's a new experience.  I hope I get some dammit.

Pumpkin Knucklehead

I must say I'm surprised at my pumpkin plant.  I grew pumpkin last year, Big Max and Conneticuit Field, but only got one pumpkin in... July.  Really?!  However the vines grew everywhere on those plants.  The one above, Knucklehead, is this really cool unusual one that has knobby warts all over it.

Pumpkin Knucklehead blossom

And these blossoms are huge!  Lovely!

Corn Kandy Korn

I've never grown corn before, but some of you may know about my addiction to corn, so it's no surprise. It'd actually be nice to have an IV of corn really.  Kandy Korn is supposed to be super sweet and juicy.

Rogue plant amongst tomatoes

And I've got several rogue plants among the tomatoes, including tomatoes.  The one above is a product of dumping the compost bin into that area, I think.  What do you think it is?  Cantaloupe? Cucumber?  The mystery continues...

Tomatoes - many varieties

I'm so bloody excited about tomatoes I almost can't stand it.  We don't have any yet, but those red (and yellow and purple and green) babies will be making their appearance very soon.

Holy deliciousness growing

I'm chomping at the bit to get to these red beauties.  And the ones below are yellow.

Tomato Sungold

I have 32 tomato plants, 10 varieties:
* Burpee Burger
* Fourth of July
* Brandy Boy
* Cherry Sweet Million
* Cherry Sungold
* Cherry Sugary
* Cherokee Purple (heirloom)
* Big Rainbow
* Early Girl
* Lemon Boy

Basil Genovese

My basil plants get huge ~ like a 3-4 ft. bush.  This year I decided to try something new and stake them with ordinary tomato stakes.  Maybe it will help control the long branches.

Cute little bug atop a pepper plant

How cute is this little guy?  Looks like he's poised to pounce!

Hot Pepper Anaheim

If you look closely you can see the little bugger again on the Anaheim pepper plant.

Squash Sweet Zuke

And finally, one of my zucchini plants.  I have neighbors getting zucchinis already but I've yet to see one.  Grrrrrrr.

Petunia Easy Wave

What are you growing?  What have you had the most successes with?

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Joyce Pinson said...

Your garden looks lovely. All of us KY gardeners are late, but the gardens sure are beautiful! Harvested our first cuke yesterday! And yes I did dance in the garden with high heels...you wouldn't have expected anything less...would you? Giggles