Cherry Tomato Salads ~ Caprese and Tuscan

I'm going to apologize now for yet another tomato recipe.  I have so many from the garden it seems it's all we eat anymore and I'm always looking for new ways to prepare and showcase them.  For some damn reason, I decided to plant 32 tomato plants, 16 of which are cherry tomato varieties.  I mean, really.  Who can eat that many cherry tomatoes?  It seems we can.  You know how babies who eat too much squash get orange skin?  I'm pretty sure we five will turn red any day now.


Cheese Crostini with Anchovy Herb Butter

Let it be known that I hate fish.  I despise the taste of fish, the look of fish with their beady eyes and hard mouths and scales and fins, the smell of fish which makes me gag, the fact that they swim and don't have arms and legs, the nasty water they live in, the tiny bones, and the open gaping mouths.  Don't get me wrong - I think some of them are beautiful and I always feel sorry for them when they have a big hook crammed in their bleeding mouths.


Tomato Pie

Last night, I met a fantastic group of women.  My friend A hosted a slumber party for 6 of her friends.  There were no kids and no men.  And lots of booze.  There was a massage therapist there to work out the kinks and a pool to laze by.  And piña coladas and martinis and margaritas.  Each of us contributed to the meal - a baked potato bar with homemade garden salsa and other fixin's, fresh salad with home-grown tomatoes and hot peppers, luscious desserts, and plenty of alcohol. Have I mentioned that already??


Fried Green Tomatoes with Chipotle Buttermilk Dip

As many of you know, I have a garden full of damn tomatoes.  Like totally full.  I planted 32 tomato plants and found many rogue ones sprouting up as well.  It's a jungle in there.  Since I got a late start planting, as many of us did due to heavy rains and cool weather, I didn't have any freshly ripened red tomatoes by mid-July as I normally do.  Seeing these huge tomato tentacles with a million unripe tomatoes on them, screaming na-na-na-na-boo-boo, pissed me off.  What did I do?  I fought back.


Tropical Oatmeal Brulee with Ginger-Orange Cream

I have been craving oatmeal lately and wanted a "summery" way to eat it.  I usually gorge on the good stuff during fall and winter so I thought making a tropical fruit oatmeal would make it seem more appropriate for the season.  Well, it is delicious but it's also heavy and rich.